Danielsson Flyreels

Danielsson Control

Fly fishers dream about it. A high-tech masterpiece that is passed through generations. The genuine crown jewel that fly rods are hankering for. The Danielsson fly reel. Today Danielsson Innovation is taking one big step closer to their friends, fly fishermen worldwide! Continue reading


Lek | Spawning

One day before the “late premiere” on October 15 I journeyed between Byske and Fällfors to investigate whether salmon were still spawning or not. Due to low water flow it should not be particularly difficult to spot them. I was surprised! Continue reading

Record time!


This year’s salmon migration is phenomenal. Just in the past week more than 1,600 salmon have passed Fällfors. It looks like we’re heading towards a new record. With the current water flow and temperature there’s also a good chance catching a record fish! Continue reading

May salmon


Has salmon fishing in mid-May ever been this great on The Byske River? Probably not. A few anglers who already have been successful with catching salmon have answered ten questions about the May salmon, fly fishing, and the river.
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The start of the early season has produced many different catches. Thanks to a modest spring flood people have been able to fish many locations throughout May. Let’s have a look at the catch statistics. Continue reading

Demo day

Spöinspektion | Rod inspection

May 27 a demo day was arranged in Byske. Many people attended. Participants were shown many innovative products, not least fly rods. It’s certainly not every day that you get the chance to try out rods that you would otherwise only dream about.

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May day 2014

Bro | Bridge

May Day passed by and suddenly it’s spring! I drove up the river to investigate how much ice and snow there are left. Continue reading