Byske Salmon



Before I moved to Byske in 2009 “the shoemaker” Roger Viklund told me about this fly rod named Byske Salmon. Apparently they had already used up all the Norwegian salmon rivers when they were naming their rods, so they turned to Sweden and found The Byske River. Continue reading

Annual meeting report

Årsmötet | Annual meeting

They Fishery of the Byske River arranged its annual meeting on Friday, March 28. A little over 40 people attended to an informative (and sometimes entertaining) gathering. Continue reading

Ringneck Spey

Ringneck Spey

I remember last summer’s phone calls from an euphoric salmon fisher. In the middle of the night after another tough fishing without results he decided to create a small and discreet fly that would surprise, and that it did! Continue reading

Thunder Spey

Thunder Spey

The next fly is something completely different from the previous hair-winged tubes. It’s time to have a look at spey flies, and we start out with a magical pattern. Thunder spey! Continue reading

Sunburst Zonker

Sunburst Zonker

At our latest fly-tying workshop three different fly patterns were photographed step-by-step. First out is Sunburst Zonker, tied by zonker expert Johan Andersson. Continue reading

Zonkers – The Usual


Zonkers have become increasingly popular for salmon fishing. Almost all fly patterns with some sort of hair wing may be tied as zonkers. This is a brief introduction to zonkers as well as a step-by-step of a zonker variation of The Usual. Continue reading

My first salmon

Andra laxen | Second salmon

The year was 2009. I was a novice, having fished salmon only a couple of weeks in the previous two years. At this time I had no idea how hard it is to lure salmon. Continue reading